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Eight-Pointed Star


Get your “scrappy” on and make a star block!  Here’s a chance to use up some of those bits and pieces that are hanging around your sewing room!  This particular star block has really “pointy” star points and there are a couple of easy ways to sew these points.  We’ve given you two options!


If you like to use templates, I recommend using either the TRI-RECS™ tool made by EZ Quilting or Michell Marketing’s Set C Bonus Geometric Templates.  Set C works with Set A Templates for 3” blocks or you can use them as stand-alone templates for making lots of pointy stars!


If you prefer to foundation paper piece your star points and you haven’t tried paper piecing yet, this may be a good way to get started.  I’m not going to bore you with paper piecing instructions because there are lots of videos on YouTube that give very good, easy to follow instructions.  ** Make sure that when you copy and print your paper piecing pattern that it measure 3½” edge to edge!**  Some printers/copiers will enlarge what you print.  Check to make sure that your paper pattern is the right size before you start sewing!

For each block you will need:

Background Fabric:         

  • 4 squares cut at 3½”

  • 4 pieces as background for your star points

Medium/Dark Fabric:

  • 1 square cut at 3½”

  • 8 pieces for your star points

 Piecing The Block:

Piece your star points using whichever method suits you.  You will need 4 sets of star points for each block.  They should look like the one pictured and should measure 3½” edge to edge (3” finished size).



Using the 3½” background squares, the medium/dark square and your star points you can piece your block.  It should go together as shown in the diagram.  Your finished block should measure 9½” edge to edge (9” finished size).


Below is the foundation paper piecing template for your star points.  You will need four for each block.  You have permission to make copies of this pattern for your personal use.  Make sure that, after copying, the pattern measures 3½”.


Make sure to sign your block(s) with your name, city and state.  Please use indelible markers made to write on fabric.  (Ball point pens wash out and they tend to smear.)  Also, make sure to include a note with your name, e-mail address and telephone number so that we can contact the winners!  We must receive your block(s) no later than December 1st, 2015.

Mail your block(s) to:

Iowa Star Quilts

P.O. Box 25

Traer, IA  50675



Iowa Star Quilts